White Button Mushroom

In India, we grow white button mushroom by looking at the weather and environment,at 21-29 degree celsius So, that we can grow properly;

which we span also and 11-20 degree celsius for reproductive growth,

Apart from this, we also need relative humidity, which is 75 to 90% is enough for ventilation during cropping.

White button  mushroom its type of mature Basidiocarp  which means mature fruiting body, which is whitish in color and has thick short strips with annulus .

This mushroom issmall to medium size and has caps on top, which are on average 2-8 less and attached to a short,

trifurcated stem and the caps that are there are rounded, firm, and spongy and the stem of these shorts is dense, thick, smooth, and edible.

When this white button mushroom is mild, then after it is cooked, it will be crispy texture, comes when we cook it .

" It has a very nice earthy " flavor which we also call chewy texture. If we talk about white Mushroom;

white mushroom is the most widely cultivated in the world but if we talk about button mushroom, it has very few calories, and if we be aware  that we get to see many health benefits in this mushroom.

That's why we this mushroom is grown a lot in the world and the white button mushroom is not only does it give a lot of benefits,

but eating it gives us many benefits,side effects are also seen which prove to be very good for our body and health.

 " As it improves our heart health and has cancer fighting properties is also found in our body to eliminate all the cancer causing properties.

It works
to kill cancer causing bacteria in our body. Actually works to eliminate and protects our body from this type of disease.

That's why we this mushroom is
grown quite a lot in the world.

Mushroom dominates the entire market in the world, and most important things,

in this article we will tell everything that is necessary for white mushrooms. "

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White Button Mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) -: is a very famous mushroom There is variety and its variety which is very beneficial for our health.

These Mushroom belongs to Fungi kingdom and the constitution of this mushroom is 85-90%  All Mushrooms That Are Used Alone, United States.

Bisporus which is the scientific name of white button mushroom, we call it We can harvest it at any stage of maturity, that is,

if you are mature and young ( “That means we can harvest the mushroom even when it is immature and the young stage and also,we can harvest it in any way that is young from maturity “)

Agaricus Bikarpus we also know it by the name of white mushroom in the age of young to musturity stage but if its color is white And if the color of mushroom is light brown,

then we call it Crimini Mushroom And when the white mushroom is fully grown, that means it becomes edible;

Which is called like that then we know it by another name which is fully grown When white mushrooms are
called portobello mushrooms

Portobello Mushrooms- which are at a fully ripe stage which is white The mushroom which looks very big to you and is also dark.

That is, this mushroom looks very unique in appearance but Agaricus bisporus (white button mushroom) is a mushroom We know from such as table, common, button and champion mushrooms.

These Name which is very common name of white mushroom if we see local In language, this name is quite appropriate for this mushroom.

And also shoots this mushroom well, due to which It is also worth it, it is quite famous and compared to other mushrooms, and this name Which is what makes this mushroom famous to a large extent.

 In a way, it can be said that the task of giving an identity to this mushroom. And also shoots this mushroom well, due to which It is also worth it, it is quite famous and compared to other mushrooms and;


This name which is what makes this mushroom famous to a large extent.In a way, it can be said that the task of giving an identity to this mushroom and this mushroom also shoots well, due to which it is.


The flavor is mild so whenever we use it in any kind of dishes, it remains flavourful You get to see mild only. White mushroom (Agaricus bisporus). 


White mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) We grow in compost soil so that more types of bacteria and Fungi were able to play their role fully in the growth of this mushroom.


Because mushroom is not a vegetable or fruit Mushrooms require avariety of bacteria and fungi to grow, 


mushroom itsef a fungi that’s why it needs a support for growinguntil the mushroom is according to its requirement;


Elements can be replenished and mushrooms can grow

without any problem Food is needed for anything to grow and grow. 


This work is done by us, these types of fungi and mushrooms which are quite friendly for It helps him a lot till he grows up, which is a very good thing about mushrooms And one more thing is white button mushroom which is cultivated on dark place.


This is because mushrooms do not need sunlight to maintain a proper moisture This has to be done so that the bacteria and fungi that are very friendly in the mushroom soil,


It helps him
a lot till he grows up, which is a very good thing about mushrooms. 


if you grow in the place where the mushroom is, then at first the mushroom will not grow
and Secondly, any bacteria and fungi occurring in the soil;


do not have their
life cycle Will be able to do this because fungi and bacteria cannot live in
sunlight, because Can’t live in hot weather so that ;


they can’t complete their life cycle Due to this we will get mushroom with a proper temperature,


Along with this, care has to be taken of the moisture very well so that fungus and Bacteria can complete the life cycle of mushrooms by helping them thrive.