Let's talk about spawn which is said to be a kind of To mushroom seed. What is a sponge can only be called a kind of seed .

That's why we grow mushrooms with the help of a spawn, that is, of a spawn only through this we can grow mushroom.

The spawn that produces occurs in a fruiting culture or a selected strain of mushroom the group which is sterilized is also a proper condition that is what we called Spawn.

 The one who has a stock culture we produce in a proper scientific lab and these other places .

It is produced in which is a reputed place which It is under and  some other institution which is run by the government permissions they get popularity, they also prepare spawn

We can also prepare spawn at home but -

which spawn is made, it moves 90% spoilage,because when it is prepare spawn a lot of caries needed while doing it which we can prepare at home.

Can't give time while working, but what if we talk Mushroom which is a famous thing which is being eaten all over the world.

So keeping this in mind, we also check the quality of the mushroom. Keeping this in mind the spawn

we will prepare is a good and there should be healthy quality spawn.

 So, whenever we let's talk about mushroom and its quality, so we must it should be kept in mind that we should take only that spawn which is of the best quality and which should be of a proper government or government organization.

So that May there be no hindrance in your mushroom cultivation and you will be a proper and most valuable  spawn was able to do mushroom cultivation, Spawn is a fruity culture which we can get it from other country also.

Let me tell you this that -:
whenever we order these mushroom spawn from some-other country in your country,

you must keep in mind that your strain weather is your country worth it or not, it is not necessary that we should suitable to it.

Those who are going to do that means what we are getting from other countries should be suitable the climate of our country and;

its environment that if those strains belong to the family of the own country or its season.

spawn 7

" If it does not happen according to the calculations, then it will not grow in that country and it will be bad will go.Which is Spawn,

many countries export and import which it happens in large numbers who are earning thousands of rupees, that too from the import and export of Spawn,;

which tells that in the “Mushrooms” are liked so much. whenever we talk about Spawn, if we do, Then we must keep in mind that the size of Spawn, should be a proper size which is of a comfortable Spawn,

It’s taste should be good, it should be healthy, it should be disease free and other harmful insects,bacteria and fungus and apart from this it should have the ability to give high yields;

There should be harmony and the quality of whatever is produced should be like this. So that the mushroom does not spoil for a long time, that is, its there should be the capacity to stock for a long time. "