Post - Harvest Management of Mushrooms -: 
Mushroom is very beneficial for every person because which work to give a healthy body to your body.
Mushroom works to give everything that gives your body a better life Talking about mushroom harvest – we generally harvest mushroom in 3-4 weeks after casing.

Because by this time the mushroom has matured a lot, And maturity has come, that means you are able to eat mushrooms.

Each mushroom has a different maturity stage, such as oyster mushroom, button mushroom, enoki mushroom etc, that is, all the mushrooms have different harvesting stages, that is On the basis of the size of someone's cap, we consider him mature.

We can determine the maturity of a mushroom by looking at its body, that is, the more mushrooms they get, the more their harvesting system.

If we talk about button mushroom, then we harvest button mushroom when its cap The dmtr becomes 35-45 mm, it is called a proper size of button mushroom when the mushroom is well marinated. becomes fit to eat.

Button mushroom is very common mushroom, every person knows it and most of them have eaten it. Button mushroom is very good for the body because In this you will get all the elements.

which every person needs to make a better body. Talking about oyster mushroom, we harvest oyster mushroom when its fruiting body is fully formed.

When oyster mushroom gets cooked, then we will consider oyster mushroom as mature mushroom. Means then you can eat this mushroom People have heard about oyster mushroom, but people have eaten it because it looks like an oyster.

It doesn't look special, so people don't like it very much, that's why oysters by farmers It is grown for work, but oyster mushroom has the highest amount of vitamins that your body needs.

It is very important, because it gives energy to your body, so that your body is able to fight against every disease.

Oyster mushroom is very good for our body because it is very healthy and good for your body, it provide our body vitamins, minerals , fiber, and carbohyderates etc

These things are very good for our body because it provide energy to our body a
fter harvesting the mushroom, my job is to take it to Islo market and then sell this mushroom.

Its best work is that we do grading in mushroom i.e. we divide mushroom in size i.e. The one who is the youngest is different, the one who is bigger than him is different, and the one.

who is bigger than him is different –
we are like this We will separate the mushrooms according to their size, so that we will keep the mushrooms in a proper grading and with this .

There will be no problem in selling mushroom in the market. Mushroom is a healthy food, it should be eaten sparingly so that you can stay healthy for a long time.

Mushroom is a healthy thing and in today's time it is very important to eat healthy things because mushroom provides ypu with everything you need to stay health

You can expect a good and healthy life from mushroom, it gives you a Along with a healthy body, it also provides you a good taste.