ENOKI MUSHROOM -: (Flammulina filiformis ):- 
Enoki mushroom (Flammulina filiformis) looks very  beautiful, that's why we know it by another name i.e. Enoki Mushroom is also known as Golden Needle Mushroom.

Because this mushroom is long and golden in color and It looks very beautiful in appearance. The scientific name of enoki mushroom is- Flammulina filiformis.

Eating enoki mushrooms It is very tasty and with tasty its flavor is very strong. Flammulina filiformis is called by many different names.

Like Lilly Mushroom, Golden Needle Mushroom and the best known name is Enokitke Mushroom which is similar to its common name Flammulina filiformis .

Which is also grows naturally as if any plant falls If it goes, it grows easily in it, it mostly gives you top It is seen when the plant which is there falls early in the spring.

Then because then temperature, humidity, and many other things that All that helps in the growth of this Flammulina filiformis is from which it gets a favourable environment from which it No problem has to be faced in growing.

Enoki Mushroom (Flammulina filiformis ) is what it is naturally different extracts and if we do the work of growing it, then its process It is very different because in natural process nature knows is and enoki also takes in the same amount of things but When we grow, then we do all the things according to our own.

If we try to grow Flammulina filiformis In a commercial way, we need such an environment. which is much more abundant then CO2, because in enoki large enough to grow mushrooms (Flammulina filiformis) I read the need for CO2, this CO2 in Flammulina filiformis It proves to be very helpful in growing mushrooms,

Because of this Helpfully there are some changes in enoki that produce pale white mushrooms.

Mushrooms which are very long, their stem is slender and their length is very large, ie about 5inces.

They are elongated in shape and have a small cap on top, which looks exactly like a white mushroom.

Flammulina filiformis the roots that are there are very active in nature because their roots are of conjoined type, due to which their roots are different in themselves.

Means if a mushroom is growing of Enoki, then a root will come out, due to which there is a lot of mess in their base.

One gets to see because, a root of a Flammulina filiformis i.e. diet we are growing
thousands, so according to this number of thousands.

Roots happened and which will be conjoined from below, due to which it is not known which mushroom has which root, the roots of Enoki mushroom.


There is a lot of mess due to which we keep it along with the roots, they are given, but when they are used for eating, then their root should be separated, due to which its taste becomes very good.

If we talk about how to cook the taste of Flammulina Filiformis You get to see its flavor fruity nutty and mild and its the texture is very crunchy and chewy like a
chewing texture.

We use it in a lot of dishes like Soup, Noodle Dishes, Sushi, Rice Dishes and some other very delicious dishes which are very famous in that dishes Flammulina Filiformis give a own taste which is make dishes very delicious , i.e Flammulina Filiformis very important mushroom which is grown by the farmer