Cultivation History Of White Button Mushroom :-

 growing of white mushroom which started was about In 16th century at that  time when people did not know about mushroom knew but even then this mushroom got an identity And some people took this work on their shoulders like a French botanist ;

Joseph Pitton de Tournefour
in 1707 was the first Scientific description of commercial cultivation of mushroom It was a very good job by them to give an identity to mushroom .

Mushroom is a very good and beneficial thing and by consuming it. We can avail many benefits which make our life very healthy And  Gives from this commercial cultivation and the country that is also could do mushroom cultivation so that a new things would have reached.

which they could consume and a french Agriculturist Olivier de Serres Siphone did saw transplantation About mushroom how to transplant mushroom Did . It is very good that why transplanting of mushroom is very important beacaue If there is any problem on -

" The mushroom and  Should we share that variety of mushroom with someone so that particular disease or insect very easily spread i.e can be done and transplanting of mushroom which they It has been told, like the one who leads the mushroom "

 " Mycelia  For example, Mycelia  that is the part of the mushroom which is helpful to transplant the mushroom.

It Plays an important role in propagation i.e. Mycelia  is very essential for white button mushroom because Mycelia    plays a most important role in,

which the mushroom gets a lot of help and we Can also said  it is a fact that  , Mycelia   lead and plays important Role  for propagation and also for mushroom.

Cultivation of button mushrooms (A. bisporus) started in the sixteenth century. However, on a commercial scale, the cultivation was initiated in Europe around 17th Century.

Many farms for production of button mushrooms were established and this variety still dominates the world production and consumption and if we talk about the spawn which is called Mushroom seed "

his 3

By Which We Do Mushroom Cultivation - Because if we want to grow, we first need a spawn ( seed of mushroom ) which we gives a fearful form of that seed (means mature face) and growing thing we get from that one seed so I Let me tell you that ;

In 1893 we were sterilized, and the entire culture Spawn was achieved which was quite a surprise because Mushroom was not very famous in those days and someone knew little

bit about mushroom but some people did their own thing;

And do it with own understanding, very honestly and sincerely Due to which we got white button mushroom It has been achieved, I think today's people are enjoying it very much.

White mushroom flavor is said to be a good thing  Those who eat meat like it very much and those who did not eat meat It also like cooked mushroom taste very much ;

In mushroom we get huge percentage of protein i.e we also called a Bucket of protein ; In mushroom You get a lot of protein in comparision to  meat. Those people  do not have much money to purchase a meat to fullfil our protein neeeds;-

It is said that they can fulfill their protein deficiency with this, so Mushrooms are very beneficial and let me tell you that this  sterilized,

and whole culture spawn discovered and created a by the famous institute that institute which is a famous french biologist LOUIS PASTEUR ( 1822-1895 )  has been established and Louis Pasteur is a,

great scientist He was also known as the Father of Modern Microbiology. Know that he has contributed a lot in his whole life.  While getting to learn a lot about science and also from their lives, It's a good thing, I think for the people,


why their life We get an inspiration from the
blood of It is useful to become a successful person. 


This Paris Institute It is
located in Paris and this Paris Institute has given the white button The mushroom
was cultivated by himself and that too; 


There was a period in which people
started talking about mushrooms. didn’t know well enough and the pastors at
that time t
he institute showed a feat which was the white

button Cultivation of mushroom. 


which was quite surprising because This
cultivation happened, that happened, that happened, that was horse manure. In
It is said that if you do any work with passion then you will get your.

destination is achieved as this Pastor Institute has done and we Gave a very
tasty mushroom, which we like white 
button mushroom. know by name which was first grown horse compost manure me.