Cultivation History Of Oyster Mushroom -:

Oyster mushroom is a very important mushroom, which is oyster. Mushrooms are found everywhere in the world and oysters the scientific name of mushroom is (Pleurotus ostreatus) or oyster mushroom.

It belongs to the class Basidiomycetes and family Agariaceae which is a popular name People say "Dhingari" which name is very much liked in India and it is also called by this name in India which is "Dhingri".

Oyster mushroom is what you get to see growing naturally, which you Will be found in the forests of Temperate and Tropical. Oysters If we talk about mushrooms, then there are many types of oyster mushrooms.

There are also species that you can find in rotten throats and dead lacquer logs. get to see and sometimes you get to see it in that place too They go where it is impossible to grow them.

The best thing is oyster mushroom's thing is that oyster mushroom and its species are quite healthy which works to give a pleasant life to your life and the same thing seeing means many scientists have seen and tested this thing and then on this.

Many researchers made a great discovery while starting their work oyster mushroom can be called such a great food that you can eat many things provides which gives a better perspective to your life and these Helps you to keep your life healthy.

Oysters It was very important to grow mushroom and that too in a scientific way the work of growing it scientifically was done by a famous scientist from Germany, was done by Flask which happened.

In 1917 which can say that scientifically caused a revolution for oyster mushrooms telling something in itself shows how much oyster mushroom healthy for your life.

BECAUSE science of  anything the work of giving him a new identity is done, so it means that thing will play an important role in your life Will do India taking responsibility on its shoulders for oyster mushroom Worked to grow six very special varieties,

which is very important here and It was also the need of the hour because oyster mushroom is a very rich source of vitamins. , Oyster mushroom was first described.

In 1775 by a Dutch naturalist The Nikolaos Joseph, Freiherr von Jacquin did a lot of work Done in oyster mushroom which has been highly appreciated they have oyster mushroom.

The work that was done was done (1727-1817) it was called Jada Tar Gilled Mushroom, which is included in the taxonomy.

The genus Agaricus used to be eaten, the mushroom era was there then and it is today the mushroom trend is at its peak

In 1871 there was a German mycologist named Paul Kummer who did a very good  transfer to pleuratus was done,

transfer of the genus to occur means the entry of a gene into a distant gene,

which if we If you see in the flesh of the mushroom, a very important work has been done, which is very important.

It was also because things improve with time it is necessary. a mushroom can provide so that we can change the gene of mushroom And by which we will be able to get more good varieties i.e.
An improved varieties and let me tell you that this gene was defined by Paul himself, in 1971 until there was no problem and we and oyster mushroom.

He was able to do things to improve his character Paul Kummer then Oyster Worked to give scientific name to mushroom, from this oyster mushroom could get a separate identity which was also very important for Oyster so that it could get a separate identity.