CULTIVATION HISTORY OF ENOKI MUSHROOM -: (Flammulina filiformis ):- 
Enoki mushroom (Flammulina filiformis) is not only a mushroom but it also has a lot in it there is a combination of nutrients, by eating which your body not only gets energy Rather.

We get a store of powers and if we talk about mushrooms, then we only about its taste, its benefits or the health related activities associated with it I only talk about it, but if you ever wanted to know about your mushroom,

Otherwise, today I will take you to the world of mushrooms, here you will find every  You will get that knowledge, you would not have even imagined that how something is not done in a single day.

It is made, but behind it there is a so many years By the way, if we talk about mushroom, then many things come in our mind.

Varieties come which apart from being quite famous are also quite common among the people like Oyster mushroom, button mushroom, milky mushroom and many other types of mushroom which are very common in food.

Talking about enoki mushroom (Flammulina filiformis) then let me tell you that the enoki mushroom was first cultivated a long time ago.

In the northern Was grown in America and Eastern Asia, at that time no one even knew how much mushroom No, because people had never seen such a thing, so the mushroom was not even popular.

Mushrooms not only help in keeping you healthy Does but also works to fill you with energy. enoki mushroom (Flammulina filiformis) was cultivated for the first time in the year 800.

It was also first grown in Asia. This is said by all mushroom experts , The first variety of Enoki mushroom was planted by Japan.

On the other hand, Japan, which still eats mushrooms the most, and its people Rather, they are crazy about mushrooms and eat mushrooms after cooking them in different dishes.


The first variety of Flammulina filiformis grown by Japan has a long Stem from and the best thing about it is that it has its own unique color which makes it very different from other mushrooms.

One of the best things about Flammulina Filiformis is that it is rich in a lot of nutrients.

From which you can say that enoki mushrooms are very beneficial. Being beneficial to something is also a good thing for the body;

And anyway, such nutrients are found in Flammulina Filiformis, which work to give it a different identity in the whole world.

That different identity that makes enoki mushroom more famous and bought by people in large quantities Because of this uniqueness of this mushroom, today it is famous all over the world.

Consuming Enoki helps you a lot in fighting diseases and that too helps in fighting not only minor diseases but also dangerous diseases like Cancer, high blood pressure, and other dangerous diseases.

Whose presence can change your whole life because it does the job of killing you so well that man easily reaches the brink of death our enoki mushroom is able to fight against such diseases.

Because of which you can get it easily from your nearest market or supermarket Or you can directly contact the farmers you can take from them what you get all over the world.