Cultivation History Of Crimino Mushroom :- If I talk about crimino mushrooms;- crimino mushroom has been grown for a long time Well, if we talk about the old history, then when the Egyptians were there,

he used to see from a different point of view, that is, he was crazy about crimino mushrooms. It was believed that by consuming crimino mushrooms, there is transmission of power inside them.

Today it is the fall of craze that we see crimino mushroom as a healthy food. Crimino mushroom is a powerhouse of power as it has everything It is what every human being needs in order to increase the noise level of his body energy.

Crimino mushroom very good mushroom Happens for your health. crimino Mushroom To increase the body's energy level. crimino mushroom is very good mushroom for your health. crimino Mushroom It has every quality that a perfect food should have, that's why the Egyptians used to say that The crimino.

mushroom gives me the energy that I deserve, so the crimino mushroom Mushrooms were called "Food of the Good", and this mushroom was the most popular in the language of Rome. In Diorum and Russian language, we call it Mexican Folklore. If we Knowing and thinking about mushroom, you will know that mushroom is-

" All are good at our place, if we are not talking about all the mushrooms, then we Will learn about that mushroom which is of a good quality not only in food but also gives you Gives full of such tatts that the need only reads to you and your body.

I tell you When the crimino mushroom was first cultivated, the Asian countries did not know about it. There was no information and neither did they know anything about the crimino  mushroom, which is the mushroom of the Europeans.

We have been recognized by the country, if I talk about other countries, their What was done on this mushroom, so maybe at that time they did not know about any Regarding the type of mushroom, whether it is China, Japan, or India."

Portobello brown mushrooms champignons on a wooden table.

these country  is a big country and the number of people in these countries is very well-known, yet they Didn't know much about mushroom.

Crimino mushroom, which is there, is not grown much. At that time people did not know much about it, how to grow it. How to cook and most importantly what are the benefits of this crimino mushroom.

There are many benefits of crimino mushroom, which provide very important elements to your body, that too to your body.Crimino mushroom, whose scientific name is Agaricus bisporus, was first cultivated in the 17th century.

Which was considered a big feat in those days and this feat was done by Europe which is a very good thing. At that time, Europe had grown not only Was also studying how it could work for our body to become healthy.

The first time that the Crimino mushroom was cultivated, it was done in the country of France, that too in the middle of the catacombs.

Then the country of Paris did the work of giving a direction to this crimino mushroom. The work done by Paris to give this one direction was useful for crimino mushroom, but we are one with of these countries.

 No, I don't know how many mushrooms are known today and by growing them they are working to give people the taste of crimino and other mushrooms.

To provide a direction to Krimino Mushroom which was done by Paris because of which we are today crimino mushroom is also known as Paris mushroom.

Even today those people are cultivating the crimino mushroom from where it started, that is, even today this crimino is being grown by the people of France.

If we talk about other countries, such as North America, the crimino  mushroom was started growing in about 1800s. Which is still intact today, let me tell you that even today about 45%-50% of fresh crimino mushrooms are grown from that mushroom. Which shows you that the taste of crimino mushroom It is on the tongue of the people due to which even today its demand is increasing and in the coming time there will be more.