Compost Of White Button Mushroom-:

Let me tell you that how we prepare compost -: Compost is a very important part for mushroom because we grow mushroom with the of mushroom.

Let me tell you that we prepare compost in many ways because compost is one such It is a part by which we can give a healthy life to the growth of any of our plants.

We make compost by mixing dried plants, and we also the plant waste is used to prepare compost like in Cereals  Straw, sugarcane bagassets are used and also use some salts Due to which mushroom gets a lot of healthy life and mushroom grows well, it is like urea;

superphosphate, gypsum etc and we also gave supplement from above You don't even have to make a lot of effort and that's how you get it. There is compost which is natural like rice bran, wheat bran, compost is very important and necessary for mushrooms

why compost is necessary for every plant ? -: With the help of compost nutritions, vitamins, energy and many other important things are available for plant . Which helps the plant to grow and become a proper plant which The plant can give a healthy fruits. See if we need 1 kg of mushroom   then we have to keep these important things in mind because If we grow mushroom then it is very important to know.

Which supplement is to be given, in what quantity and if not in what quantity, otherwise we will not have enough. It will be helpful to know which thing is more necessary and which thing is less.

It is necessary, from this we will be able to prepare a very strong compost. Which will help you grow a proper mushroom. so as we are considered If we want to produce 1 kg of mushroom, then what do we do?  For 1 kg of mushroom, we use 220 grams of dry waste of plant .

The waste is used to make compost; and then in that we need There are some very important elements i.e. if we see that if we take 6 kg NITROGEN  should want  by the mushroom for fulfilment their need .

Compost will be used which can supply that 6 kg of nitrogen, so let me tell you that We get 6.5 kg nitrogen in 1 ton of compost, which is enough to supply 6 kg of our Nitrogen. does and let me tell you that nitrogen is a very important element mushroom With the help of Nitrogen, you can create a good and healthy compost.

Let's do And the rest of us need phosphate which is all we need It is 2 kg which is very helpful in growing mushroom.
Its use is very important for us so that we can make a great source for mushroom.

Compost can be prepared so that the yield of mushroom is good, apart from this To prepare humus compost, 5 kg of potassium is required which is compost  is a very essential for mushroom.

Let me tell you this things are very important to become a proper compost, why these things we can make a good compost only by using it,

because all these things and elements Without it we would not be able to prepare compost which would allow a mushroom to grow well.

I was able to help And we also need some common elements For mushroom compost, which we take in a proper ratio.

Nitrogen, Phosphorous and we need potassium, we are a proper of these three. give in proportion means we given to
( N:P:K – 33 :10 : 25)

his 2

He needs something to meet their food needs Muhsroom grew a proper and when we compost even if we do the final, once carbon in it and use the nitrogen that we take one last time Which is 15-16: 1 and this ratio is taken when our compost is almost ready and this All these things are very important in making a good mushroom culture


which is sufficient for mushroom growth. It will also be helpful, so whenever you leave compost for mushrooms or sprinkle it from anywhere take special care of things and their quantity, because only their properties will make your compost and mushrooms here are a few essential things that will help you achieve proper and healthy mushrooms: