Compost Of Oyster Mushroom-: Let's talk about howto prepare oysters for compost-  

Mushroom compost, we all know that compost is ready We should have done it like some natural rotten throat products such as rice straw, wheat straw, hemp straw, For sugarcane bags, banana leaves and cotton and also for Can I help you make better compost?

Let me tell you that compost is very important for growing mushrooms, In how can we grow any type of mushroom with the help of compost? Can do without any hindrance but prepare compost properly it is very important to do this.

Because with the right amount if we prepare a compost than must justify the quality of mushroom, taste, and we  will get a healthy mushroom which is very important. Out of these When we choose a product to prepare compost, then it We start making its compost 10-30 days in advance,

Because it takes time to become compost, because that substance first Whomever we have chosen to prepare compost will rot, because Bacteria on the product we have chosen to become compost, and there is an attack of Fungi and other types of insects and all this.

They do the work of rotting that material from which our compost  can be prepared and it is not necessary that the product we have chosen You will get a good compost in 10 days or 30 days only. Make it and give it.

It depends on how many days of your product In course of time it is turning into a compost.When the compost is ready, we add rice bran (20%) and Lime (1%) must be found because it works as a supplement.

And with their help our compost is very healthy and in very good ratio gets ready so that we can better help the mushroom is on the rise, that's why rice bran and lime have a big hand. In preparing of good compost.

Sawdust -: We will tell you the promise Sawdust is a very popular substrate, using which you can do very good mushroom cultivation. 

Sawdust is very good for making compost  if we do it in commercial cultivation of mushroom.

I use it because sawdust helps you a lot In mushroom cultivation of any kind of sawdust,

Can do whether it is hardwood or softwood sawdust , we just have to keep in mind that sawdust is definitely fresh.

Yes, old sawdust may already have some bacteria on it, there should be no fungus or any other harmful bacteria which can spoil our compost.

Do the work of spoiling, otherwise all the hard work will be wasted, that's why we will use fresh sawdust and we will not use any will not be negligent. Sawdust we got from 1% urea and 1% lime give which makes a better ratio of composting which helps a lot does in giving you a better and better quality oyster mushroom.

Oyster mushroom is considered a very good and important in the family of mushrooms because in oyster mushroom have a large amount of vitamins, fibers, carbohydrates and other types of products are also available, which are beneficial for your body. Health gives a better result in the form of a healthy body.

When we mix 1% urea and 1% lime, it After mixing it again with water, we decorate this mixture in the form of a hemp, and we We don't get tired of plastic foil etc.

When we keep this hemp separately then we use it every 7
Day after day we keep it until it dries completely and it remains dry for 30-40 days and this is also necessary for a better compost which helps us to provide a good quality mushroom.

Well, all these things help us to have a better compost as much as oyster mushrooms In our desire to achieve that, we are trying our best so that we can prepare a good compost from which This increases the acidity of his cheeks, due to which the water starts drying up in it, and it is very important to dry the water.

This happens in the completion of the process of compost. When compost is complete, any of these

Smell is not there and if

we want then we can compost it at the same time otherwise we can To use it for a long time, we dry it completely i.e. not a drop of water remains in it. After drying the tab, we keep it in the storage so that we can use it later.