COMPOST OF ENOKI MUSHROOM -: Compost is a very important part for growing any mushroom because without compost we cannot grow any can't grow varieties of mushroom.

No matter what kind of mushroom, or Irrespective of the reason related to any varieties, but we can grow mushroom without compost, that means you can say that we need compost to grow mushrooms.

It happens, by the way, do you know what is called compost, if you are unaware of this, so let me tell you that there is something called compost,

Compost compost is a kind of waste i.e. waste using which we do mushroom farming enoki mushroom (Flammulina filiformis) also needs this compost to grow.

Enoki mushroom is a source of energy in itself anyway, to make compost, we need some materials which are enough to make effective or it can be said that a lot of bone talk is also necessary

For example, we use wheat straw or rice straw to make compost; In this we choose any one straw because to make compost.

We need one of these we put gypsum and water in this straw for fermentation let's do it then take special care of a proper temperature and oxygen in it .

So that every process in it can be done properly because compost it is also necessary for these materials to rot in order to become at the time of rotting,

It contains a lot of beneficial bacteria, fungi and many more good bacteria there is an attack in which there is a process

In which many bacteria, fungi do their work, that is, this compost works to rot, enoki mushroom (Flammulina filiformis) is an excellent, there is mushroom, which helps you to be in good health.


The work of giving such power to this mushroom is done by compost, Let me tell you when enoki mushroom (Flammulina filiformis) is growing then its The work of providing nutrients is done by our compost.

There is a good thing in mushroom which you must consume and the work of growing this mushroom.

And the work of giving it a good quality is done by compost only, compost is very important for growing these mushrooms.

Because compost has very important to growing enoki mushrooms (Flammulina filiformis).

Without compost, Enoki mushroom is unable to produce a good quality mushroom, compost does that job very well.

Since Flammulina filiformis is a good mushroom, it has compost has to be given a little more attention so that the mushroom in maintaining the same texture, quality, and flavor.

That we Hoping for Better enoki Mushrooms (Flammulina Filiformis) can, in order to become compost attack by bacteria, fungus and many other organisms It is necessary that progress should be a process by which a better compost can be expected.

Enoki mushroom can be found to get a good quality mushroom Could That's why it is very important for compost to be the best. Compost is a prime resource for growing any mushroom.

Because Compost in enoki Mushroom (Flammulina Filiformis)
works to provide a better environment to that is, I will see that what elements do you get from this mushroom, which About 60% of its nutrients are beneficial for your health.

Our compost does the work of providing this mushroom Supports Inoki from a distance to improve his growth.