Nature has done a lot of work to manage everything i.e. from her side We have left no stone un-turned so that we can survive by any means If we look at this point, then we come to know that we will need a means to grow anything using which we can grow anything can do.

Let's take this thing forward and talk today about crimino, which is also very important for mushroom because crimino mushroom is the source of our body's energy. There is also a very big show-tray and it will continue to be so we will prepare the mixture to grow crimino mushrooms which we will compost.

It is said that compost is made from many types of things like wheat straw, rice straw from these things like straw, dried poultry litter, we will choose one of these materials from which we Will work to prepare your compost, to prepare this compost completely for this, we also get gypsum and canola material in it, so that we get a good compost.

We do the work of mixing all these together with the help of water, so that we get a good mixture. Go and then from that prepared mixture, we will prepare a good compost which we grow crimino mushrooms and provide this composter, we will prepare it very much.

It has to be prepared very carefully because even a little carelessness can lead to crimino mushroom growing from the compost.It works to spoil the quality, texture and taste of the mushroom.

which it is not a very good thing, that's why we grow compost very carefully. When we mix all these things then a mixture is ready.

Then we prepare Put the mixture inside the tunnel and keep the same amount of space in it so that the air If possible, then we need to increase the temperature and oxygen in the mixture in good quantity.

We have to give space in order to reach, so that whatever moisture is in that mixture they can be finished because if even a little bit of moisture is left then it is a hard mixture of real .

It will get spoiled and we will not be able to grow crimino mushrooms and in this mixture.

Then care has to be taken of oxygen and temperature while mixing It should not reach the stage of pasteurizing because for pasteurizing we need both of them.

If we talk about tunnel then let me tell you that crimino to prepare mushroom compost we must need tunnel requirement We read that without a tunnel, it is very difficult to make compost of this mushroom.

That's why this tunnel technology was invented so that the compost of crimino mushrooms can be made be easy and this technology was discovered in North America.


" that's why this tunnel technology was invented so that the compost of crimino mushrooms can be made be easy and this technology was discovered in North America.
And let me tell you that Ostrom, which is a very famous mushroom, we also Tunnel technology is used for pasteurizing.
Through this technology that we In their crimino mushroom farms, they do this by keeping the temperature and the oxygen in time."

changes ammonia into a form from which we canuse that changed Ammonia is used innitrogen form and nitrogen is very importan for crimino mushroom compost it because from the help of this nitrogen crimino mushroom growing very well and best in quality, texture, quantity and also helps in giving best taste of crimino mushroom.