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Look deep into mushroom, and you will
understand everything better.

ThE buCkeT oF PrOteiN -: "mUshRoOm"



Mushroom is a fruiting body of conspicuous umbrella type. which we also call sporophores and a type of fungus belonging to the order Agaricales and whose phylum is Basidiomycota.

But there are also some groups of mushrooms, which we recognize in the language of mushrooms and what we call the edible mushroom, and use another term in the language of mushroom, which we called Toadstool .

which means poisonous mushroom and poisonous sporophore, and in between the scientific name of mushroom is same which we can say in a way fleshy fungus fruiting body.

Many people think that mushroom is a vegetable, but no one thinks there is no case to be found or solve , because all vegetables and fruits we get or get through edible plant and I give you. Let me tell you that these are the fruit and vegetable plants that we get among the edible plants.

 A main character is found which harvests chlorophyll which converts energy from sunlight into carbohydrates and this is very important process for vegetable and fruits for survival.

Because if vegetables and fruits do not get sunlight, then they did not get energy and will not be able to convert into carbohydrates and;

 the growth of the plant will stop and the plant will become ill and plant will not grow and die after some time.


" But I let me tell you that this does not happen in mushrooms -,

Because mushroom doesn't need to convert energy into carbohydrate through sunlight ( the conversion of energy into carbohydrate with the help of sunlight.; this process is called as photosynthesis )

chlorophyll by which it survives easily without sunlight even mushrooms steal carbohydrates for their survival.

 Mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) of which many species it is like a fungus that gives its own kingdom, which is very occurs in all the numbers that exist in the species "

” According to standard forms
deviating, morphology has many specific names which are called Bolte, Puffball, Steinkhorn, and  Morrell are fairly common and standard names.
And if you want to know about mushroom then you should know this name because this name.Helps in many ways to know mushroom, and by the way we can also

consider Gilded mushroom as a separate known by the name which is called Agaricus.But on the side of its similarity we know another name which is is called Agaricus and its order is called Agaricles. “


" If we describe mushroom; mushroom neither vegetable nor fruits
because mushroom is a type of fungus, according to its culture, that forms a thallus (also called as mycellium ) forming its species, which is a fruiting body.

we call it mushroom or in language, we can also call mushroom a type of species.
Mushroom is a very good food item, which is a very beneficial thing, which is very beneficial for our body. "

 Benefits Reach In Different Ways.



*By the way, mushroom is
known as a fungus which 
means that Fungus which we can eat without any harm;


*but there are also mushrooms

which there are poisonious and;


*we cannot eat them because
eating them can make us sick


*Or may even die, but let’s
not worry about those poisnious mushrooms


*Let’s talk there are edible mushrooms which can be eaten and are very
beneficial for our body and


*which It gives us
nutritions, vitamins, fats etc, 
which is very important for our body important source of energy.